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About us

Five Years In The Making

Tuurny isn't a company that was born yesterday. We have been wheelin and dealin in the ASIC space for five years, culminating in what you see now. We are a top notch repair and brokerage facility with hundreds of transactions under our belt. We Deliver; Unlike our competitors we actually deliver high quality repairs and every machine you buy from us ACTUALLY WORKS!

Canada & USA

We service all of North America, with facilities in Toronto and Texas.


Our technitions have repaired hundreds of machines, years of experiance fixing ASIC's.


Our goal is to set industry wide standards with our service and quality of repairs. We want long lasting relationships, not quick deals.


Looking to buy used or new machines? we have you covered. Our ability to supply you with machines or parts is unmatched.

Our Company

Who is Tuurny?

Tuurny Inc. is a full scale repair and brokerage firm for Bitcoin miners (primarily ASIC machines). We have been involved in buying and selling ASIC's for over 5 years. Tuurny Inc. has recently started taking on the task of becoming one of the fastest growing repair facilities in North America, with operations in Canada and the USA. We have successfully repaired thousands of machines for some of the largest Bitcoin Mining companies in North America (Greenidge/Wattum etc...). Our facilities are located in Toronto (Canada), Austin (Texas) and Geneva (New York).

Our goal as a company is to expand into becoming the largest repair facility in North America. Securing multi-year contracts with large Bitcoin Miners and Medium sized Miners. We are striving to standardize the industry with Quality Controls and Automation systems, making us the one credible source to send machines to for repair and maintenance. We are working on building an automation system that minimizes the human component in the repair process; making it the most profitable and quickest repair technique in current existence for these machines.

As a by-product of intricately understanding ASIC machines we stand to benefit greatly by being able to compete with other brokerages when it comes to selling and buying these machines as well. We can purchase broken machines from companies looking to recoup their capital at a loss, we can then fix these machines and sell them below wholesale for profit. This would enable us to be highly competitive with pricing and also offer something other brokerages cannot offer (Warranties). We offer 30 day warranties to all customers that purchase machines from us. Another unique offering we have due to our repair capabilities is the ability to sell machines with a 100% hashrate; most brokers sell machines with a moderate to high failure rate (5%-40%) the industry just accepts it as a standard failure rate and purchases machines as-is.

For all your ASIC Miner Repair or Purchasing needs, feel free to contact us - call us at +1-647-281-1544 or email [email protected].

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Locations in North America

No need to ship your machines overseas for repairs anymore. 9:00am to 9:00pm Eastern time.


5810 Ambler Drive, Unit 8
Mississauga, ON
L4W 4J5


144 Middle St
Geneva, NY

Location in Texas coming soon!